My Stars, it’s a book review.

This is a review of the book “One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and The Twelve Steps” by Kevin Griffin. The book was suggested to me by Richard, the store owner at Easy Does It Books and Gifts in Long Beach, California. The author is a Buddhist meditation teacher and a member of a Twelve Step fellowship.

I was interested to see how a Buddhist “no god” religion could be interlinked with a western God concept program. I was also eager to find out more about the Buddhist practice or style of meditation as I travel a path nearby there regularly.

This book is worth the time to read and contemplate. Many concepts are explained with examples of how they applied to the author’s life and how they might be applied to the readers’ life. There are spots in the story that seemed to ramble but that was his life at the time. The author did a good job of marrying the two philosophies.


This was done by reducing both philosophies to the most basic: whether talking about Buddha or Bill Wilson (A.A. founder), there are three characteristics of all existence.

  1. Impermanence

  2. Suffering

  3. Not-self

These are well detailed in the book. The author went through this process of duality in his life to save himself. It was ultimately a practical move on his spiritual path. The Afterword of the book gave me some additional insight into the author as a result of the original publication. Be sure it check it out.

One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps

Here is a quote from Goodreads. ”One Breath at a Time, describes the convergence of two vital traditions, one ancient, the other contemporary, and shows how they are working together to create a rich spiritual path for our times.”

Need Stars? let’s go with 4 out of 5.


Some things that can change your life

Twitter post from American Nomad

-making time to talk to friends/fam


-taking care of your skin

-smiling more

-doing more of what you love doing


-being in nature


-long walks

-going to concerts, parks, museums


-petting animals


Be healthy,



1 thought on “FREE TO CHOOSE”

  1. Wow, extremely in depth read! I love the details and thought you’ve put into it. We write about similar ideals, and are just starting out, we should follow and support one another!


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