TONGVA : The Local Native People


Tony Horton is a Personal Trainer, Author, and Creator of the P90X Extreme Workout. He has a Ted Talk telling everyone about health and fitness. His focal points are 1. Move, at least 20 minutes or more a day with a variety of activities, 2. Consistency, 5 to 7 days a week, 3. Intensity, push to add and do more, 4. Purpose, why do this stuff, 5. Food, he describes eating right. This should sound familiar to my readers. Google: Tony Horton Ted Talk and you will get 10 minutes of motivation.  My last weeks’ exercises were a good variety of activities. I swam in Huntington Harbor, walked through Gum Grove Park which is a Tongva tribal camp area in Seal Beach, and lifted weights in my garage. These were accompanied by my regular neighborhood walks on off days. A variety of activities is supposed to speed weight loss and fitness. The weather was hot so most activities were early, but a good week.

active-bikes-cyclist-26407315 per cent

Eating Right

   I read an online article in To Your Health from 8/1/18 titled A Groundbreaking Way to Live Longer. It claimed the Fountain of Youth can be found by reducing your calorie intake by 15 percent over a two year period. The article cited a study published in Cell Metabolism indicating that your body processing less may equate to less cell damage. That sounds good. A lot of aging studies are published in Cell Metabolism. As I mentioned, MyFitnessPal has set my caloric goal at 2030 calories per day. I think that is probably an easy 15 percent below what I was eating.  At some point, I’ll look at 1724 as a new goal, not now. I am still working on this goal as a challenge. I went out to eat 3 times last week and I tend to overdo when out. I found myself making good choices but too much volume. I guess I’m still struggling with that moderation thing.

big mac meal                 photo-1521311142520-bcabe7e1b5ef

  No Fast Food. Do you still eat at McDonald’s? Big Mac has 540 Propylene Glycol washed calories, add french fries and it goes to about 900 calories. Ugh. Propylene Glycol is a version of ethylene glycol which is as dangerous to consume as antifreeze. Its food function is to prevent products from becoming too solid. 90% of all frozen burgers have this. Ugh.


In the spirit, Dave


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