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Jump Start Your New Year

You may be on vacation with friends and relatives or you may be in that weird time at work between Christmas and New Years. It could just be Wednesday, but it is time to go outside.


I’m jump-starting my New Year Health and Fitness with Walking Wednesday. We went to an odd Southern California spot called Talbert Park. It is not a regular walking place except for a few locals. It is on the northwest edge of Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, just over the Santa Ana River. We were headed for a hilly walk near Crystal Cove when we decided to not drive that far and to go exploring at this park. Park is not what this place is. It really is just some undeveloped low land which is rare in this highly developed area. It is full of native brush, lots of paths, some bike jumps, some homeless campers, and rabbits, squirrels and lots of birds. We really enjoyed it.


We had a lot of time so my wife and I walked our way across the field. We were wandering in the general direction of the river bed on the paths while trying to avoid some muddy areas. It was sunny but cool with a nip in the air which generally comes off the ocean this time of year. After some blithering around, we were rewarded by reaching the river bed full the seabirds. The many varieties were all lined up on the sea/river wall. It was very cool.


What a great way to jump-start the New Year. We were out in the field for about 2 hours but with the stopping and looking at stuff and path hunting, it may have been only 45 minutes of exercise. Just right for Walking Wednesday. We did no pacing for training, this was a walk for the joy of it. This is what we needed and wanted. You should plan an unplanned joyful walk too.

Happy New year

Be Healthy, Dave

Correction from the last post: Twitter is David Brown @higherpowerfix




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