2019 Best Diets, The Suckers List


What is a Diet?

A diet is the kind of food that a creature habitually eats.


We have a cockatiel at our home. I can go to the pet store and find a bag of “Cockatiel Food”, feed him and he is happy and presumably healthy. It is his diet. People are omnivores. Classic omnivores have a diet that consists of edibles from plant and animal origin.

  lion meat


Go ahead and search the internet for the list of the 10 best diets. Since the list has little to do with what you are supposed to eat but rather what someone is selling for you to eat, it will be a suckers list. In your search, you will need to know what you want your diet to do. Do you want to lose weight, gain weight, muscle up, energy up, mode up, libido up, flatten the belly, or lower your Blood pressure and A1C? The list can go ad infinitum. It’s a sucker list.


I recently looked into Michael Greger’s diet information. He is a Vegan and has a book “How to not die”. He writes about how to diet to fight certain diseases that kill us. I also looked into Dr. Steven Gundry, a former cardiologist who is also a “plant-based diet” advocate and author.

cherry picking

"Colorful Candy, Isolated on white"
“Colorful Candy, Isolated on white”

There are a lot of MD’s who have become an entrepreneur in the business of selling various diet plans and supplements to the unhealthy American consumer. The problem with is that the advocacy of each one is based on “cherry-picked” facts to prove a predetermined outcome. Bad science. These bright minds pick proof that supports what they want to sell and then ignore the balance of information from various studies. It seems almost all “diets” work for someone. They help carry a specific goal, but none can work for everyone. There is too much variety in the species for there to be a universal plan. Your plan must be customized for you.


I am repeating some basic information for a healthy diet.

  • Eat fruit and vegetables with everything.
  • Avoid Bio-engineered food, no GMO veggies.
  • Limit over packaged food products.
  • Limit fast food
  • Avoid over-consumption by monitoring caloric input.

THE 2019 Winner for Best Diet       

Source: livestrong.com Jan. 21,2019

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is eating that emphasizes and encourages meals to be made at home, made of fresh and whole-food ingredients. The ingredients include vegetables, legumes, fruits, grain, lean protein, nuts, wine, cheese, oil, and herbs and spices. This diet likes social eating and smaller portion sizes than most Americans eat regularly. If you want a recognized plan, there are tons of recipes and resources available for this one. In order to keep it from being another “sucker” plan, add and subtract from it based on your personal needs and goals. It is a great starting point.

Next time: Quick Mindful Meditation to relieve stress.

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1 thought on “2019 Best Diets, The Suckers List”

  1. Healthy Eating and moderation Is my Mantra…Oh and kicking added sugars and processed foods…Balanced and healthy and eat the foods you like …I like your thinking …Thank you for the follow 🙂


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