Turn The Page on 2021

Turn the Page on 2021

We begin a renewed year. I want to re-ignite the blog. In the past, I tried to encourage a healthy diet, exercise, and spiritual living by providing information about what to do with a few examples. I have avoided much talk about Covid, preaching strong immune system protection instead. I did not reach a big enough audience. My plan now is to chronicle what I am doing; more of a diary and adventure travelog with health, fitness and spiritual practice to see as it happens for me.

Update of my Personal Stats.

I am 74 years old, 201 pounds. I have lost 50 so far. I eat lots of vegetables and small amounts of meat. I hike most weekends. I work out regularly. I am regularly reading health literature and I am refining my diet and exercise program. Spiritually, I am still learning. I have had a few personal spiritual experiences which have strongly directed my spiritual activities. I am currently in 3 different spiritual communities. I have a pacemaker (originally installed in January of 1983). I wear hearing aids. I regularly monitor my BP at home as I have a history of high Blood pressure caused by the fact that I have only 1 functional kidney. It has been 38 years since I gave up alcohol.

Goals for Progress

I am planning to lose 40 more pounds, at least 5 or more this year. In order to help with my healthy lifestyle, there are a couple of Christmas gifts to note: 1. A Nutribullet 1200 pro to replace my aging unit and 2. A gift certificate to the Vegas Vegan Culinary Kitchen (Yes, I eat meat). I am planning on teaching for at least 2 more years. This year I want to spend some time with each of my four children and 2 granddaughters. I am going to read at least 4 new books. I will publish this blog monthly or more if my activities warrant that. I have seventy-four years of friends I’d like to reach.

2022 Begins

Windsor Lake, a 2mile brisk walk.

This year begins with me finishing up my winter break from school at my home away from home in Pierce, Colorado. I have had a beautiful break from the day-to-day life challenges of teaching. An interesting note is that I forgot my phone in the car at the Vegas transit terminal. Maybe that’s fortunate. I have enjoyed family and friends at my daughter’s home. The visit included my granddaughter who is a senior at Fort Collins High School and my son who flew in from Long Beach, California. I had long restorative walks, like around Windsor Lake, and plenty of activity, like a beginner yoga class in Fort Collins and the use of my daughters’ elliptical machine. My diet was a small challenge, but my daughter eats healthy, so she had healthy stuff to work with and her understanding of what I was trying to prepare. Processed food being avoided by me more than most other stuff, I turned in part to my emergence eating plan “S.S.S.” That is soup, salad, and shake. I turned to that when I couldn’t use the G-BOMBS theory from Dr. Joel Furman (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds).  I avoided any weight gain over the holidays.

Some of the things I regularly read:

Tufts University Health & Nutrition LetterMayo Clinic newsletter

Harvard Health Letter, Harvard Medical School

NEJM: the New England Journal of Medicine

Healthline: Nutrition Newsletter

Forks over Knives



Share your Goals

If you always see your health and fitness goals and resolutions fade into the “too much to do” schedule or if it is the same resolution as last year, try sharing them with me and our readers for a little added incentive. Send me your top resolutions and I’ll build blog topics to enhance your mental equivalent for success. Let’s be healthy together as a community.

Next time

I will be sharing Blue Zone information.


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