Resolution Failure and Biogerontology

January opens with a personal brief evaluation and a resolution to improve. January ends with glossing over of that resolution or a justification so I can live with my failure, again this year. Why do we go through this kind of thinking? It is bad and does not reinforce good thinking or good health habits. I prefer goal setting; short and long-term goals which can grow and adjust with me. There is no failure.

December found me in the chill of Colorado with my family. A lucky flight in the middle of flight cancelations and a myriad of snafus put me in the Siberian weather front. It was -23 degrees before the wind chill was tagged on. It still was a joyful reunion.

Morning Walk

It was warm and homey inside with lots of fun and laughter and I was able to reinforce my personal energy. I finally finished reading, “Ageless. The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old” by Andrew Steele. This new field of studying the aging process is called Biogerontology. The book took a long time for me to read as it was at the edge of technical knowledge. Each of the medical breakthroughs that are on the horizon was discussed. My goal or task and yours is to live long enough to reap the benefits of this new and emerging medical study area. The science this there.

Chapter 10 of the book is Titled “How to Live Long Enough to Live Even Longer”. It is turning to the basic rules of good health to increase your health span to match your life expectancy until scientific breakthroughs can be made safe for everyone.

Here are Andrew Steele’s familiar suggestions.

  1. Don’t Smoke
  2. Don’t eat too much
  3. Get some exercise
  4. Get seven to eight hours of sleep
  5. Get vaccinated and wash your hands
  6. Take care of your teeth
  7. wear sunscreen
  8. Monitor your heart rate and blood pressure
  9. Don’t bother with supplements
  10. Don’t bother with longevity drugs-yet
  11. Be a Woman: this improves your life expectancy by about 5 years.

I found a good article in “Livestrong” titled, “7 Things Physical Therapists Do Every Day for Healthy Aging”

  1. Make Resistance Training a Regular Thing: this will reduce age-related muscle loss. 30 to 60 minutes per week.
  2. Put Protein First: every meal, every source, helps maintain muscle and avoid age-related weight gain.
  3. Keep Up With Cardio: aerobic exercise keeps your heart and lungs functioning. 150 minutes a week.
  4. Say Yes to Yoga: strong, flexible, balance to avoid falls.
  5. Take a walk after Dinner: improve digestion.
  6. Get Enough Sleep: benefits body and brain recovery.
  7. Find a Stress Reliever That Works: Walking, meditating, and yoga can all be helpful.

That is plenty of Back to Basics information here for you and me to move forward. There is no failure. Today is a new day.

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I really liked this research: On January 4, a randomized study by the University of Colorado Boulder revealed that community gardening could bring great health results. By increasing fiber intake and physical activity, gardening can decrease cancer and chronic disease risk while also benefiting mental health by minimizing stress and anxiety.

Please click and watch this 13-minute YouTube. It is meaningful.

Be Healthy,

Coach Brown


Fighting the Toxic World, What to do about life?

“ALL EXPERIENCES ARE Proceeded BY MIND, HAVING MIND AS THEIR MASTER, CREATED BY MIND” not from Science of Mind, not from New Thought…It is from THE BUDDHA.

  1. October in Red Rock Canyon.
  2. Too Big of a Topic and conflicting opinion.
  3. AHA: Life’s 7 Rules Plus 1.

  1. Nevada in October is a great hiking month.

It was hot, like 95 to 105 hot, until October 22nd. On that day at 2pm the wind can from the south east in 35 to 65 miles an hour. The daytime high temperature went from 95 to 65 degrees and stayed there. What that means to a hiker is either a change for clothing or a change of environments. I changed from hiking in the higher altitudes of Mt. Charleston and Spring Mountain to lower altitudes of Red Rock Canyon, Calico Basin and Lake Mead. All these places are great hikes.

Mt. Charleston hike

Red Rock Canyon Hike

2.Bad Blog Topic: Toxin.

This blog ended up mostly on the bedroom floor. We all have heard about external environmental toxins. We all have heard about food toxins. The combination is killing us. It was going to be all about the Toxins that we live with while breathing, eating, and just being. You know, all the crap we deal with every day. It turned out to be too big of a topic and surprisingly controversial. When you have a little time, check out “The Plastic Ocean Movie” and learn about Estrogenic plastics. We are hurting ourselves.

So after all my research, check this out.

Lots of data and Science.

3. American Heart Association Life Essential 8

As I read lots of other peoples blogs, I look for supported facts. The blog “Health Secrets of a SuperAger” got my attention with a title “Sleep as a new measure of cardiovascular health. The blog directed me to Aha life’s 7 rules plus 1on the American Heart Association Website. Here are their 8 Essential:

  1. Eat Better
  2. Be More Active
  3. Quit Tobacco
  4. Get Healthy Sleep
  5. Manage Weight
  6. Control Cholesterol
  7. Manage Blood Sugar
  8. Manage Blood Pressure

Each of these points has a link on their website. Any government stuff requires more investigation because every position is bought and paid for somehow. Here’s the link:

That’s it for this month, Please get linked up with me to stay informed.

Be Healthy,

Coach Brown


The 2 Secrets to Successful Fitness 

There are 2 secrets to a successful exercise and fitness plan. The first secret is in the doing. No matter your mood you must get off the couch and get active. The second secret is in your food consumption. That’s it, mood and food. You and I have an exercise and workout plan. Mine has me walking, swimming, weight training, and bike riding on alternating days. I am including some type of High-intensity interval training (HIIT) in each workout. Your plan should include activities you enjoy, mixed with some activities that are needed to maintain your health and fitness. On the days that you don’t feel the motivation to get up and move, remember that mood follows activity, not the other way around.

From Michael Pollen

If I was forced to choose which is more important between diet or exercise, the answer is diet. I don’t mean a diet like, “I can’t eat that, I’m on a diet”. I mean a diet like a food plan for nutrition. A cow’s diet is primarily grass. A lion’s diet primarily meat. God’s creatures have a primary diet and secondary diet of items they eat as needed or as available. My diet has changed over time as I changed. My diet is now more plant based. I am not vegetarian or vegan, but it is “plant rich” as Dr. Mark Hyman of the Cleveland Clinic would say. I try to make 20% to 30% of my plate meat with the balance being vegetables and grain. There are plenty of debates about the best diet plan. Here are my starter rules.

Coach Brown’s Fitness Triangle Diet


Eat Fruits or Vegetables with any meal or snack.

Eat Clean Whole Foods.

Eat Organic, in season, local when possible.

Eat Less Meat: grass-fed, free range, wild caught when possible. 

Use Olive Oil or Coconut oil 

Do keep to a calorie count appropriate for your goal. 

Ask yourself: is this product God made or man made? Pick God.


No Fast Food.

No Soda, diet or other.

No or limited Processed Foods.

Limit Starches, breads, and wheat based products.

Limit Dairy.

Watch out for Sugar, Nitrates, Sodium, High fructose corn syrup.

Watch out for any product with more than 5 ingredients or ones that have ingredients with a really long name.

How to get started

Recently I found a simple and easy way to rebuild my diet. I needed to refresh what I was doing because the Pandemic quarantine has changed my life patterns. I am cooking more for the family and my son’s needs are different from mine. I started to gain weight. Dr. David Katz and a team of nutritionists not backed by big industrial food, has designed software to help. The free website helped pick a diet program and build a sample meal plan for me including a shopping list

Dr. Katz also has another website of importance called True Health Initiative where many health and food rumors and sales pitches are debunked. I recommend that you check out both of these sites.

The quote for this post is from Michael Pollan: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

Be Healthy,

Coach Brown