I suppose this blog is the sequel to a yet unwritten book on how to get FAT. This would be an unneeded piece of literature. It would describe my love for eating and drinking, my love for cooking, my emotional eating and my reckless disregard for dieting because of my youthful extreme fitness up to age 35.

The new path started 1 month ago on May 1, 2018. It was not out of some physical calamity requiring me to change or die. I had several of those years ago. This is the result of a slow realization that I need to change what I am doing. It is the same way I got fat; slow, creeping, and unavoidable. Creeping Obesity.

The starting point: weight 240 (I’ve been more), height 5’7” (I’ve been taller), and my once trim waist is a massive 46”. The body mass index (BMI) is 37.5. All of this puts me at a high risk for lots and lots of medical problems,


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