I suppose I could have started blogging about those days back in college when I was a P.E. major and a scholar-shipped athlete. I stayed fit for years after that by hours of hard work and play at the hyper pace my body naturally ran at. I am not there now and I cannot recapture my 20’s. My only point related to this history is that I have the knowledge of how far down I have gone and the education which can lead me back to health.

What does a 70-year-old do when he doesn’t like what he has become? I have read about the new fitness programs. I have read the latest and greatest diet and nutritional information. I have tried a variety of supplements. I have watched almost all the food and western diet documentaries that “Netflix” has online. I have worked the edges of many food and fitness programs. Now I know what works for me.

Last month I made a change, THE Change. This small “lifestyle” change is working. It is not another diet, not a regimented fitness program and not another magic store product. The change is subtle. It revolves around a statement by my ex-wife’s Aunt Doll. Aunt Doll came from a line of long livers in the midwest. Her father died on his 100th birthday in his favorite chair, in the house he had built. Doll lived and died in this same house in her late 90’s.  She always had a critical eye and critical comment on everyone and everything. Doll said while complaining about her nephew (my then father in law) and complaining about me, “the secret to a long life is everything in moderation.” This was and is too harsh for me. I have added Oscar Wilde to my philosophy, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” This is part of the path and the change.

The detailed information about my consumption, my physical activity plan, and my stress reduction will be in the next blog along with my 30-day results.

In the spirit, Dave

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