Empowering people to live a longer and healthier life through diet, exercise, and spiritual practice.

busy fam

Everyone is busy. Right now finding time for healthy meal planning, exercise, and meditation is like trying to find the red Easter egg my brother had hidden in the strawberry patch. It is a challenge.

Sunday, the day before Labor Day, my wife and I did some planning for the week. We were looking forward to Monday off. We headed out to the local Sprouts Market for the good seasonal sale items. We grabbed bunches of needed and wanted fresh vegetables. In the afternoon, I did some meal planning and prep. I baked Muffin Tin Eggs. There are variations of the recipe online. I greased a standard muffin tin and then lined each cup with deli meat. I put in a tablespoon of chopped spinach, a tablespoon of shredded cheese and then cracked an egg in each cup. I baked it at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. I just popped them out and refrigerated. The result was 6 breakfast on the go meals. Next, I penciled out the weeks’ dinner menu. I remembered the plan vegetables first.

Mon.-garden salad, fresh broccoli, cauliflower rice, and grilled burgers.

Tues.-zucchini and fish.

Wed.-broccoli and chicken breast

Thurs.-break, night out

Fri.-fresh steamed vegetables and salmon.

If I have that much planned, I can make a nice dinner with having to think and figure it out at the end of a day.

Exercise this week included a long walk on Monday while listening to a health and fitness podcast. This walk was important because a clear message came to me during the walk. I had to write it down when I got home. I emailed it to a couple of advisors for review. One advisor called me back after a positive response and said it looked like a mission statement…and so it is. Empowering people to live a longer and healthier life through diet, exercise, and spiritual practice.

On Saturday I hustled my body and my wife out to Palos Verdes to Terranea Resort for their Nature Walk, bird education and hiking to Point Vicente Lighthouse. Then we enjoyed a salmon lunch on the patio. That’s a good day at a classy spot.


The coming work week will be 14 hour days so I am reviewing my schedule and planning to make it a healthy, happy time.

Here is a list of blog and information sites I regularly read and use as resources. You can use what you went and leave the rest.

Fit to Fat and Back online resources








Be healthy, and let me know what you think of the Mission Statement



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