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It has been two long weeks to get to my writing time. Two weeks ago I started my 14 hour work days. In preparation, I made 2 simple commitments 1). to find time to read 30 minutes each day at my A.M. in order to keep up with my learning 2). to find time to walk for 35 minutes each day at my P.M. job to keep my fitness program going. I scheduled meditation time into the parking lot between jobs. My wife, Robin and I talked about meal planning in which we agreed to keep our late night dinner light so I could go to bed comfortable. Light dinner to me means soup or salad. I would eat my largest meal at lunch, which she helped prepare. Menu: breakfast- egg cup and coffee; lunch- salad or power juice and fruit; snack- apple and trail mix. Then I made 6 breakfast egg muffin tin starters. Salad started with clean, organic and from the backyard.



Body types

While walking I have started listening to health, diet and fitness podcasts. They have reminded me of some things I learned back in college but I haven’t really used. The example of this is a Canadian fitness expert I’m listening to saying there are 4 types of body types. Each is uniquely driven by endocrine hormones. These body types are Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph, and Gonadic/Ovary. Each one carries the body weight differently.

_4 body types

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The logic is that each of these requires a different diet, but there are lots of variations in the associated hormones with each body type which affect the metabolism of different foods in each type. Each has built into it different natural hunger times and preferred dietary wants. We all know people that get up really early and are actively doing stuff before most others. We also know people who are at their best late into the night. These 2 different endocrine/hormone driven types would require and desire different diet and feeding patterns. All diet plans are one size fits all. They can not and will not work for everyone. Each person’s diet should be constructed to work with their unique rhythms.

This week I am tracking and charting differently. I will note food consumed, calories consumed, calories burned, and the daily time each of these things happens. Then I can see if I get a little insight to me. One problem with this type of mapping is that there are outside influences like job required lunchtime, that can affect the naturally driven wants.

Parking lot meditation

Image result for photos of angel stadium parking

I practice a modified form of Zen meditation. Pop culture is starting to call this Mindfulness Meditation. I have had no formal training or education in this practice. I have read and watched information on this as well as having done it in a group setting. I have been at it for 30 years. Last week I began the daily meditation in my car; in the parking lot at Angel Stadium as I wait to line up for the time clock. I follow my breath, I concentrate and focus on it. I breath 5 times. Next, I take 3 sets of 3 breaths while mentally saying a spiritual internalizing phrase. At this point, I am noting thoughts, sounds, sensations, and watching my experience arise and pass away moment to moment. My phone alarm will bring me back and away I go back to the busy world.

Be Healthy.

In the spirit, Dave



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