The Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve is my “go to” spot. It is almost 1200 acres of urban wilderness and bird wetland across PCH from the State Beach. This area has an interesting history from Native Peoples to Spanish Rancho to Duck hunters to WWII coastal cannon site and oil wells to upscale housing. You can google the details. Its location along Coast Highway makes it a very unique area. It has a good hill in it with some trees to give the walk some variety. I bought new hiking boots last week. There was a sale and my old boots had always pinched my toes. I found a new pair of boots that fit well so I had to test them out. That’s what got me to The Bolsa Chica this time.

bc birdbc egret

I entered off of a lower lot which has access to a path which I seldom use. I wanted something different with new dirt for my new boots. It was an overcast morning which is common this time of year, sort of leftover “June gloom”. I trudged forward. It was a wet winter here so the grass and scrub brush was shoulder high and already browning. It was a great walk for spiritual renewal and for breaking in my new boots.

Where is your spot to renew your spirit and break in new boots?

4 Week Walking Plan


Today I am reintroducing the starter plan for daily walking. If you are just considering a diet and exercise routine, this is for you. https://blog.myfitnesspal.com/4-week-walking-plan-for-weight-loss/

My Fitness Pal has a phone app so you can track your activity. It is a good starter plan. You will burn 200 to 300 calories a day on this plan and then you can step it up. The app will also track food for calories and nutrition which will enhance your food awareness. This is a healthy eating practice.

5 Easy ways to eat more fruit and veggies from diet.mayoclinic.org.


Make fruits and veggies the star of your daily diet with these ideas:

  1. Snack smart. Keep vegetables washed and cut in your refrigerator for quick snacks. Or reach for vegetables that require little preparation, such as baby carrots and cherry tomatoes. Keep a bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter. Just be sure to limit your intake of dried fruits because they’re not as filling as whole fruits and they have a lot more calories in a smaller volume of food. For example, 1⁄4 cup of raisins has the same number of calories — about 100 — as almost 2 cups of grapes.
  2. Experiment with new combinations. Try mango or peach slices on whole-wheat toast with a little peanut butter and honey. Toss some mandarin orange or peach slices into a salad.
  3. Choose recipes that have vegetables or fruits as a main ingredient. Try pineapple-chicken stir-fry, tomato-basil pizza or vegetarian chili.
  4. Start your day with a fruit or vegetable. Sprinkle a handful of blueberries on your morning cereal or oatmeal. Saute red peppers, tomatoes or spinach into your scrambled eggs.
  5. Drink your fruits and vegetables. But don’t reach for prepared fruit juice! Instead, turn the whole fruits and vegetables into a refreshing drink. Make a smoothie with plain low-fat yogurt and your favorite frozen fruits. Or puree together bananas, berries, lemon, mint, ice and 2 cups of fresh raw baby spinach — this green concoction may look odd, but it tastes delicious!

As you can see from these suggestions, sneaking more fruits and veggies into your diet can be easy, convenient — and fun!

Be healthy,


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